A poem for the great Flying Lotus, who when we dance to his music, it seems he wrote us... such unique, delightful sounds, we are fortunate to have him around... push the borders, keeping pushing beyond, keep moving us from dusk to dawn..

Thank you @FlyingLotus !

A poem of appreciation for Thom Yorke, some atoms for peace, who has brought serious pleasure and comfort to my soul, to say the least...

Thank you @ThomYorke !
I have respect and admiration for the man, so I've done a poem the best I can.. he shows us a lesson in the power of the word, in the face of haters that can be quite absurd ..

Thank you @CharlieSheen !

A presence on screen powerful and sweet, to Ms. Ellen Page I dedicate this poetic treat -- thank you for standing tall, especially when you heard nature's distress call

Thank you @EllenPage !
An ePoem one of the best Shakespeare Festivals around, located in wonderful Ashland town --  fate would have it that as I did recite, a passerby said 'You should be in Ashland, right?'  The fact was I did record in LA, so OSF, you've got patrons way down in Californayay!

Thank you @OSFAshland !
Joe seems to live life to the fullest, and inspire others to do the same, so he was the spark to this ePoem's flame...

Thank you @JoeRogan !
Steve's Martin career has shown that an artist can sail wherever the wind is blowin...

thank you @SteveMartinToGo !
As soon as Russell Brand came on 'the scene', it was then I learned what authenticity mean... to be one self, not something pulled down from a shelf... to ceaselessly do and act, yet non-doing seems to be his tact .. flowing like the river that we are, then becoming a true giver, by far...

Thank you @RustyRockets !

Oh so many laughs has this man made me had, I thought it best to recite an ePoem to make him glad.. in my youth I filled my days with his troupe's circus which still does amaze...

Thank you @EricIdle 
An improvised poem of gratitude for the Alec Baldwin Foundation and their work.  A healthy and vibrant society is one which appreciates and supports the artists, recognizing artists as a critical force for dialogue, culture, and progress -- thank you ABF!

Thank you @ABFalecbaldwin